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  1. Posted 1 year ago #

  2. Codestar


    There are two ways for to get rid of it.

    Way Custom CSS

    - Go to Appearance -> Menus then click to Mega Menu item and add "rc-hide-column-in-mobile" classname. for eg:

    - Go to Custom CSS option area and put below styles:

    .rc-hide-column-in-mobile > ul > li > ul > li{
      border-top:  none !important;
    .rc-hide-column-in-mobile > ul > li > a,
    .rc-hide-column-in-mobile > ul > li > ul:before,
    .rc-hide-column-in-mobile > ul > li > .cs-dropdown-plus{
      display: none !important;
    .rc-hide-column-in-mobile > ul > li > ul{
      display: block !important;

    Way Create a new menu without mega menu option then set it as mobile menu. See screenshot:

    If you confused, give me the admin information, I can do it for you

    Regards, Codestar

    Posted 1 year ago #