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Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
When my support expires, what will happen? 4 Codestar 2 months
Wordpress Plugin Reviewer 15 leap13 1 day
Customizer Options 14 slo007 2 days
How can I use codestar`s metabox framework in a WP_Query `s order 1 wowwwai 3 days
Dependency field in other tab 1 gwtstudio 5 days
Need to use select field to select from over 10k users 3 artitude 6 days
Can't use page_templates args 2 crying2812 1 week
One Click Demo Importer Plugin [Snippet] 1 Codestar 1 week
Custom TinyMCE buttons/dropdown not appearing with CSF enabled 4 Codestar 2 weeks
Defaults not working in Category Meta? 4 Codestar 3 weeks
Select the field output order problem 4 Codestar 3 weeks
Unable to clear color value 6 Codestar 3 weeks
Custom Widget Not Appearing in Page Builder 2 Codestar 3 weeks
How To get the value from Codestar meta options 10 Codestar 3 weeks
Success Message customization 3 Codestar 3 weeks
Mixed Content issue with https 2 Codestar 3 weeks
Please provide SCSS files. 2 Codestar 3 weeks
How is output css enqueued? 15 Codestar 3 weeks
Dependency on Sorter field 7 Codestar 3 weeks
Few problems with Select field 4 Codestar 3 weeks
Can I add a Admin Option page for a post type with codestar framework ? 3 Codestar 1 month
[BUG] 'all_icon' parameter has no effect 4 Codestar 1 month
Tabbed field when used inside the Group field is producing the Notice 4 Codestar 1 month
How do i create multiple panel inside one section in customizer ?? 2 Codestar 1 month
Select field exclusion problem 2 Codestar 1 month
Foreach ouptut in Select Field 2 Codestar 1 month
Inconsistency with 'unit' parameter 4 Codestar 1 month
Upload file validation 8 Codestar 1 month
How to set image dimension for gallery field or image field ? 2 Codestar 1 month
Custom CSS in wp panel 5 Codestar 1 month
Multiple Plugins Using Options Framework Issue 7 Codestar 1 month
Custom Gutenberg blocks 6 Codestar 1 month
Is this a "bug"? 2 Codestar 1 month
Required is not working in meta boxes 4 Codestar 1 month
Date field : dateFormat parameter doesn't work 4 Codestar 1 month
Add field on user profile. 2 Codestar 1 month
metabox data type conflict 14 Codestar 1 month
Quick question : is it possible to display fields in frontend? 4 Codestar 2 months
Section dependency. 6 Codestar 2 months
Metabox for default page template is not working 2 Codestar 2 months
[Feature request] Text field optimization idea 8 Codestar 2 months
What is the goal of a parameter like 'output'? 11 Codestar 2 months
Let's recylcle this post, I have a question regarding a parameter 12 Codestar 2 months
How to give priority to the items in the wp customize menu? 10 Codestar 2 months
Question related to GPL License 4 Codestar 2 months
Can i access custom function returned options in sorter like select ? 26 Codestar 2 months
Metabox options -> Date picker bug? 4 Codestar 2 months
Select page_template "only_default" or "all" 4 Codestar 2 months
Group Field limits. 8 Codestar 2 months
Spacing Issue 4 Codestar 2 months
functions.php file require but displays nothing. 6 Codestar 2 months
WP Editor is not being loaded in metabox 6 Codestar 2 months
Group Issue in metabox 4 Codestar 2 months
Controlling Font weight.. 4 Codestar 2 months
Dependency does not work when the field is in another tab 3 Codestar 2 months
Why 'page_templates' metabox parameter break if an array is given in ... 12 Codestar 2 months
Any idea to get a list of registered fields when using your framework? 4 Codestar 2 months
Code snippet for dependency parameter 13 Codestar 2 months
Typography Output not working properly 2 Codestar 2 months
How can i remove csf auto font load in frontend 2 Codestar 2 months
The behaviour behind depency parameter 8 Codestar 2 months
Feature request : group of options not only for select field 6 Codestar 2 months
Dynamic field dependancy related question 5 Codestar 2 months
Default state on switcher field - here is the bugfix 4 Codestar 3 months
Metabox on attachment post aren't saved 10 Codestar 3 months
Custom font upload - And want to list that font as font-family dropdown? 4 Codestar 3 months
BUGļ¼ŒVerification is too strict 2 Codestar 3 months
Is there a way to make a select field displaying more than built-in CPT? 13 Codestar 3 months
How to check theme options are changed [Code Snippet] 4 Codestar 3 months
Failed to Load Resources of css/js in child theme 2 Codestar 3 months
theme parameter missing 9 Codestar 3 months
How to override setup.class.php for profile option framework ? 12 Codestar 3 months
Custom fields with multiple inputs within shortcode parser ... 4 Codestar 3 months
Design fields with custom parameter names in shortcode output ... 8 Codestar 4 months
Typography metabox enqueue only the default value 6 Codestar 4 months
Dependency controls for among separate sections fields 4 Codestar 4 months
Typography Echo 13 Codestar 4 months
Custom Color Output for Array 4 Codestar 4 months
Meta box support for author ? 6 Codestar 4 months
Not working after included framework inside theme 6 Codestar 4 months
More than one metabox in post type ... 3 Codestar 4 months
Elementor "Add Shortcode" button icon popup is not working properly. 2 Codestar 4 months
Media field data migration from v1.x to v2.x ... 4 Codestar 4 months
Conditionals for select field with multiple not working ... 10 Codestar 4 months
Undefined index: id with shortcode class in v2.0.6 4 Codestar 4 months
Some fields need translation in .POT file 13 Codestar 4 months
Default values from a external array as optional for all frameworks 4 Codestar 4 months
Images in metaboxes 8 Codestar 4 months
Trouble Importing Meta Data from Plugin 14 Codestar 4 months
add_post_meta ile veri ekleme sorunu 4 Codestar 4 months
Hide Metabox On Specific page 4 Codestar 4 months
Updating the font awesome 5 Codestar 4 months
Suggestion: improve usability in the top messages 4 Codestar 4 months
How to make dependency work among the metaboxes of seperate metabox sections? 12 Codestar 4 months
Add "roles" in select field 6 Codestar 4 months
custom color 34 Codestar 4 months
Plugin Metaboxes from Embedded Theme CSF 13 Codestar 4 months
How the Metabox option framework works on a separate page 17 Codestar 4 months
Issue with grouped shortcode and its nesting names 6 Codestar 4 months
Revolution Slider Conflict 6 Codestar 4 months
Output not working for any fields 5 Codestar 4 months